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Where can I learn about ECLI 2.6.0?
Written by Christopher Garvin
Updated over a week ago

🚢 ECLI 2.6.0 has shipped!

We aim for ECLI to be backwards-compatible and work with older versions of P21E, such as the P21E 5.3.x series. But it's best to upgrade to the P21E 5.4.x series or later to unlock the full potential of ECLI 2.6.0.

When you're ready, you can download and install ECLI yourself. Note its EULA and always follow your company's policies for installing and running desktop utilities.

LSAF integration clients, download LSAF/ECLI 2.6.0.

📈 Changes since ECLI 2.5.0

We've added the new source.define option define-designer-published.

If you have a published version of a define specification, then --source.define="define-designer-published" will use the published version.

👣 What's Next?

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