Welcome to the Pinnacle 21 Enterprise family! Take the steps below and you will soon be on your way towards standardizing your data—to enable decision-making and submission readiness.

👋🏽 Becoming a P21E User

There is at least one person at your company who can add Users to your P21E environment. (They have the Administrator Role.) After they add you, you’ll receive a welcome email, with a link to create your password.

This email typically goes to your work email address—be sure it’s not in your spam folder. Your email address is your unique identifier in P21E.

🖥️ Login Screen

Your P21E environment lives at a URL such as https://yourcompany.pinnacle21.net. This “main” environment is also called your “Production instance.” Bookmark it so you can access it easily.

After you’ve successfully logged in for the first time, you will get access to the other Help Articles and Video Tours in our P21 Help Center. We have almost 100 pieces of subscriber-only content and guides on best practices for you.

Note: Some companies have multiple instances. If you need to work in multiple instances, your Administrator will add you as a User in each one, separately, with a distinct password required for each. Here are the typical set of instances:

Type & Example



Working with actual clinical data



Verifying a new release works well before it goes to Production (CSV, UAT testing)



Piloting beta products, experimenting with new features in a safe “sandbox”

🔑 Setting your Password

Passwords must have a certain minimum length and level of complexity. E.g., at least 8 characters, one upper case letter, lower case letter, number, and symbol. If you try a password that isn’t long or complex enough, you will get an error message.

Your Administrator controls these requirements.

Defer to your Administrator, especially if your company has Single Sign On (SSO) and integrates with an Identity Provider.

💡 Tips & Best Practices

If prompted, reset your password before the expiration date, e.g., every 90 days. Do not repeat the last 10 passwords used or use your Username as part of the password.

The login screen has a Forgot Password link for resetting your password on your own. Forgotten passwords, blocked accounts due to too many incorrect attempts, and period password resets are 100% under the control of your company. Please contact the Administrator at your company first for help with these things, before trying to contact us.

Thanks again for partnering with us. We're eager to give you a royal welcome as you onboard to P21E. 👑

👣 What's Next?

Learn more in our FAQ Collection.

Please email questions or feedback to support@pinnacle21.atlassian.net.

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