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What web browsers do you support?

Maintaining compatibility for the best experience & performance

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P21 Enterprise is optimized for a premium user experience on modern web browsers. Our user base is predominantly on Chrome, so that is where we invest the most.

🕹 Browser Compatibility

In P21E 5.2.0 and higher, we support the browsers listed below (with JavaScript enabled). We recommend the latest version of each browser, as we lean towards the latest versions in our ongoing browser compatibility tests.


P21E Testing 2022-FEB


98.0 (64 bit)

✅ Recommended

97.0 (64 bit)

98.0 (64 bit)

Internet Explorer

(patch testing only)

❌ Last support:
P21E 5.1.x


(patch testing only)

❌ Last support:
P21E 4.2.x

💡 Note too the browser requirements of IBM Aspera Connect (secure file transfer service). E.g., IBM Aspera Connect 4.0.0 (2021-04-29) no longer supports Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge (Legacy).

If your company controls your browser settings at the organization level, then you may have to ask your company's IT/IS Team to upgrade your browser, enable JavaScript, open certain ports, etc.

🥀 Browser End-of-Life (EOL)

In 2021, Microsoft announced the EOL for Internet Explorer to be 2022-JUNE.

  • In 2021-DEC, we surveyed our clients who had a non-trivial number of users detected on Internet Explorer.

  • Responses indicated that practically all clients have (or will have) access to a non-IE browser, either today or in time for its EOL in 2022-JUNE.

If your company has not already transitioned you to Chrome, Edge, or Firefox, please remind your company's IT/IS Team to do so ASAP.

👣 What's Next?

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