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How Do I Transition from Internet Explorer to a Modern Browser?
How Do I Transition from Internet Explorer to a Modern Browser?

The easiest way to say goodbye to IE and improve your P21E experience with a new, supported browser

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So long, Internet Explorer! Here's how to get started with a modern internet browser that will enable you to use all P21E features as intended.

🤯 End of Life for Internet Explorer

On June 15th, Microsoft ended its support for Internet Explorer (IE). This means it's time to stop using Internet Explorer altogether and move to a modern, supported browser like Microsoft Edge (without IE Mode), Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

📳 Be in the Right Mode

If you use Microsoft Edge, be sure to disable IE Mode before you attempt to upload or validate data. You'll know whether IE Mode is enabled if the IE logo is present on the left side of the navigation bar.

🗃 Be Ready to Upload

Have you installed the correct Aspera Connect browser extension? Take a look below to see which one you should use:

Now check to see if your Aspera Connect Plugin requires an update using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Aspera’s Diagnostics Page IBM Aspera Connect Diagnostic Tool

  2. Install an updated version of your current Plugin or run a test upload to determine whether this is needed

  3. Ensure you're using the current plugin by downloading the installer from Aspera - Connect

👣 What's Next?

If you continue to experience issues after verifying the above information, please create a ticket via the ESD Portal, or email us at

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