IBM Aspera Connect is an install-on-demand application that is required to facilitate high-speed uploads and downloads with an Aspera transfer server.

When starting a validation, you may get an error: “Uh oh! Aspera plugin is not installed or needs to be updated.” Most Aspera errors in Enterprise mean a new installation or update is required.

⚠️ Defer to your company's IT policies regarding installing software. Some of our clients may ask the Users in their environments to use VPN, virtual machines, etc.

🧰 Install IBM Aspera Connect

Installing Aspera Connect requires enabling a browser extension for Connect in addition to installing the Connect application itself.

Note: The IBM Knowledge Center is the authority on their app. However, you may find helpful this excerpt from the P21E 4.2.0 User Guide that covers the Aspera installation steps:

👣 What's Next?

Learn more in the Configuration/Administration Collection.

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