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What are the system requirements for ECLI?

Ensuring your automation set-up is in secure working order

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💽 Versions and Compatibility

  • ECLI 2.2.1 works with P21E 4.1 and higher

    • P21E 5.0 is needed for full functionality

    • This ECLI version is compatible with both Java 8 and Java 11

  • ECLI 2.1 works with P21E 4.1 and higher

  • ECLI 2.0 works with P21E 4.1

  • ECLI 1.0 works with P21E 4.0

🛰 Port Requirements

To use the CLI, these ports must be unblocked for outbound connections on your network. Note: These are the same ports that Aspera uses for file uploads.


Open Port Requirement







Note: CLI users do not need to install Aspera Connect nor the Aspera browser plugin because Aspera is included in the CLI.

🔐 Access: Roles & Assignments

Note these differences:

  • A User API Key has the same Roles & Assignments at that User.

  • A System API Key has the Roles & Assignments you choose.


  • To validate data in an existing Data Package, Analyst Role or greater is needed. (Rule Designer Role is needed too on P21E 4.x and lower.)

  • To validate define.xml, Define Designer Role is needed.

  • System Manager Role gives access to every Project, Study, and Data Package in your environment, even if the User is not explicitly assigned to one of those Objects—use with caution!


  • A User API Key has the same Assignments as that User, so no extra steps are needed.

  • A System API Key needs to be added to Group, and then you need to assign that Group to a Project, Study, and Data Package. You can also add regular users to that Group, so that they can see the results from validations run by the System API Key.

👣 What's Next?

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